With real estate prices soaring high and spaces becoming smaller, it has become a tricky business to make the most out of your space yet keep it neat and clean. If you are dealing with the same issue, this blog is curated to help you incorporate some space-saving tricks into your home or office.

When you start living in an apartment or plan to build an office space for your business, the first thing that crosses your mind is that it should have an organised and functional space. As city homes and spaces become congested, homemakers and young professionals require smart solutions to make the best use of their space.

People try to hop on trends for home designs every now and then to curate the best spaces. It is not possible to keep up with all the trends, but one thing that works every time is space-saving ideas. Here’s a rundown of some easy space-saving tricks which will help you keep an organized space:

For Residential Settings:

Have extended furniture: At times, when you’re hosting guests, your home can feel a bit cramped for everyone to fit in. Getting furniture designed by residential architecture firms in Delhi that can be extended can make all the difference! So next time when you prep yourself for a shopping trip, go ahead to buy some furniture that offers some extra space when you need them the most.

Go for open shelving instead of cabinets: Having closed cabinets can take up a lot of space when you envision it. Even if you do not use this space quite often, it will still take up a lot of your room’s depth. Using open shelving and storage is your best bet if you want to have a room that feels more open and spacious.

Utilise space-saving beds: When you are required to host guests or extended family for a night stay, ensure that extra functional beds are available. For instance, murphy beds serve as a fantastic option for such situations. A pull-out sofa is another thing we can vouch for when you don’t have a separate bedroom.

For Commercial Spaces:

Leverage the power of corners: Corners of a workplace are probably the only spaces that are very restrictive. Most employers actually tend to either leave them empty or fill these spaces with fixtures just for the sake of using them. However, what if we tell you that you can actually use them? If you have some equipment, amenities, garbage bins or recycling bins and you cannot map a space to keep them, corners are your perfect candidates.
Reassess the floor plan: At times, you need to decode the value of small office space and realign your floor plan. Implementing simple changes to your current layouts can provide better space and collaboration between employees and teams.

Adopt a minimalist approach: Investing in minimalist styles is one of the best approaches to decluttering office space. Replace the old, bulky furniture with space-saving desks that take up less space. You can also opt for bean bag chairs instead of big conference tables to regain the square footage.

Bottom Line

You may have a small space, but unlocking the value of every inch can provide opportunities for better utilisation across homes and workplaces. If you are looking forward to revamping your home or office space, we at Structures and Designs Pvt Ltd, one of the leading corporate and residential architectural firms in Delhi, can assist you. Get in touch with us to bring home some magic!