We all dream of creating our own space and living vibrantly there. It entails having a luxurious, bold, and rich life that fills your soul with excitement and energy. And, when it comes to our interior decor, most of us rely on choosing the best colour. We firmly believe different colours on the wall are not just colours; they invoke our feelings and emotions. The colour theory states, “in interior designs, different hues can break or make a space.” So, with this, let us explore the different ways to incorporate colour into your extraordinary interiors.

Colours and Sentiments: Setting a Room’s Mood

How do you feel when you enter a room for the first time? Well, there can be two scenarios: either you feel positive and prepared to face the day, or you feel tense and want to get away. In reality, colour is one of the key elements in interior design that influences your emotions. Not only does it help in establishing the tone of a room, but it also evokes passion in people. Furthermore, colour has a variety of fascinating psychological impacts. For instance – orange & red are known for spreading love and directly affecting a person’s feelings, whereas green, purple, and blue are considered for their calming effect. Similarly, if you want a peaceful vibe, get white and grey.

Don’t Forget to Include the 60-30-10 Rule

Knowing what colours work well together and how to create additional shades from each colour’s basis is essential for anyone trying to freshen up their space. The 60-30-10 rule will save your day by maintaining balance. According to this rule, the walls’ 60 represents dominating colour, the secondary colour is 30, typically used for the furniture, and 10 is said to be the highlight colour which is used for embellishment purposes. Colour context dictates the meaning of colour in a certain location. Hence, different feelings, emotions, and connotations might be evoked by different hues in varied circumstances.

So, to get a better understanding, you can consult with the best Architect in Delhi NCR who is aware of how to divide the space in balance.

Include High-Quality Products

Colour psychology with magnificent design needs the right quality products. It is always recommended to avoid using cheap products that can ruin your overall setting. The benefit of high-quality products such as furniture, lighting, and centrepieces enhances the look of your space. It also balances the hues and creates an extraordinary space.

The Bottom Line

Ever considered that colours could mean so much? You may go for designing each space by taking time to examine the right colour psychology. Indeed, this will make your space appealing. So, if you’re ready to begin to make your dream homes, get associated with Structures And Designs Pvt Ltd. We are the best modular architectures in Delhi NCR and specialise in 2-D and 3-D Solutions and up-scale residential interiors, including private residences, commercials, restaurants, corporate interiors, and many more.