The Covid-19 pandemic has companies rolling out ‘work from home’ policies. This has been suggested and adopted to emphasize social distancing and self-quarantine. This essentially means that individuals would be working out of their home to ensure no physical contact with others. There are some important things to be kept in mind when turning home into personal office.

Dining Table into Work Table – One major essential of Work from Home arrangement is a table and chair set up. If you don’t have a separate room or a dedicated work desk at your home, then you can turn your dining table into work desk. The room must be well lit and should have plug point to charge the electronics.

Study Room into Office – If you have a dedicated study room, turn it into your home office for as long as you are required to work from home. This arrangement will give you your own workspace at the comfort of your home with no hassles.

Bedroom into Workspace – A dedicated room for your work isn’t the solution always. If you have an unused corner in your bedroom, that can be your perfect home office. Spot lights, some cabinets, and floating shelves help improve your office space and gives you storage options. If you have a window, try and place your work station in front of the window.

Home Library into Workspace – If you have a home library dedicated to your books, and have a table and chair to comfortably read your book, then you have a home office design ready for you. A room without bed will keep you from dozing off amidst work and keep you productive.

Multi-purpose room – If you have a room with study desk, some shelves or a lamp then you can use that space as your working office. If you have a natural light source in the room then nothing better than that.

Laptop desk – If you suffer space crunch and all the above options seems like a far cry, then you can use your sturdy laptop desk. This desk can also work as a breakfast table. If you wish to work while you stay in bed and at the same time prevent the heat from causing any skin troubles, then a laptop desk would be the right choice for you.

During this difficult time of social distancing and complete isolation it is important that your productivity doesn’t get affected. With some of the above tips I’m sure some of you might have found the answer to a more productive environment.
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